News of the day. Monchi: "Good news for De Rossi", stops Nzonzi. Beaten the competition for Herrera

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HERE TRIGORIA – Continue to train the Rome in view of the challenge valid for the knockout stages of Coppa Italia on Monday evening against Virtus Entella . Only gymnasium for El Shaarawy and De Rossi with the former returning from an influenza syndrome, while, Manolas Coric and Santon have done individual work. The news of the day is linked to the injury of Nzonzi : the Frenchman yesterday reported a dislocation on the fourth toe of his left foot and today he has performed therapies. Nothing serious, but will be evaluated day by day in view of the challenge with the Entella . In case of forfeit, possible retreat on the median for Lorenzo Pellegrini with Zaniolo on the trocar

MONCHI INTERVIEW – The protagonist of the day is Monchi . The Giallorossi DS, in fact, has been told at 360 ° to 'La Gazzetta dello Sport', touching on many themes: from past market sessions, to the current season, from the renewal of some pillars of the rose, to the players who could be in the viewfinder of Rome a tomorrow. These are some of his words: "We were lucky to have a coach who understood the moment and achieved results. And I can not lose faith in him now for some negative result. I can do it if the attitude changes, the way of working or he loses the trust of the team. De Rossi? We all have to hope for his recovery. From two days ago for the first time I saw him different, optimistic, positive, because he has no pain. Renewal? Knowing him and his Romanism, even now it is good for him to talk about the future. In the summer, Rome has invested so much, the important things we have already done. We are only looking for players who raise the level of the team. Mancini? Impossible now, but in summer it is different. Bennacer? We like it, but it will be discussed in June ".

CALCIOMERCATO ROMA ZANIOLO – The words of Monchi this morning at 'La Gazzetta dello Sport', opened the question about the renewal of the contract of Nicolò Zaniolo . As reported, the '99 class has recently changed the attorney, relying on Claudio Vigorelli which in the coming days should meet with the Spanish ds to put the bases of the agreement. Obviously with the new contract the young midfielder should earn more money from the current € 700 thousand to € 1 million plus bonuses linked to personal and team successes that could raise the salary to 1.5. The deadline would be shifted from 2023 to 2024, finally a termination clause should also be included. The intention of the club is to bring it to 50 million.

CONDITIONS DE ROSSI – "We all have to hope for his recovery. Fortunately we have had good news from the radiological point of view, now we need to understand what will happen when he returns to training on the field ". These are the words of Monchi to La Gazzetta dello Sport on the conditions of De Rossi . The sports director of Roma adds: "Daniele two days ago for the first time I saw him different, optimistic, positive, because he has no pain. Renewal? Knowing him and his Romanism, even now it is not good for him to talk about the future ".

The journey in the youth sector of Rome could be disembarked in the football of the great Andrea Marcucci . According to, the 1999 midfielder, under contract with the Capitoline club until June 2020, would have been targeted by Spezia . About him also two other companies of Serie B as Pescara and Salernitana as well as one of the highest Greek series, the Apollon Smyrnis but the proposal was returned to the sender
In all likelihood Gerson will end his season at Fiorentina . Yesterday, in fact, it was feared the hypothesis of a return of the Brazilian in the capital, but at the moment does not seem a possibility. According to, the Tuscan company denied the return of the 1997 class, reiterating its intention to retain the player until June
It will not be an immediate purchase, but it is certainly a player of which Rome is in great need: the Giallorossi, in fact, seem to be very close to bringing in the Capital Hector Herrera . The midfielder would have chosen Italy as a destination and would leave the Port in June. Monchi as reported by TMW, would have convinced him and his entourage with an important contract and with a central role in the tactical project of Di Francesco. The Mexican would arrive, therefore, at zero parameter having the expiration of his contract set for June 2019.
COURSES INTERVIEW – One of the names that are more insistent for the midfield of Rome is that of Ismaël Bennacer median class 1997 under the Empoli . To clarify the situation of the player spoke to the microphones of Radio Radio, the president of the Tuscan club Fabrizio Corsi : " He is a serious and professional boy who does not think in the least to change the air, not even facing a team as important as Rome. He is intelligent and knows that he makes 15/20 matches from the starting point that will serve him to be more ready in a more important square where it would be an alternative. "

DECLARATIONS AGENT HERRERA – The future of Hector Herrera is still to be written. The Mexican midfielder, in fact, is expiring a contract with Porto and many sniff the deal. Gabriel Moraes attorney of the football player, intervened at the microphones of, to disprove some rumors circulating these days, including that of his imminent trip to Italy: " Nothing that it was written and said it is true – replies -. Hector has not engaged in any clubs. Neither with Inter, nor with Roma, not even with Milan. One of the lies written these days concerns my alleged trip to Italy … Well, I did not even leave Oporto, because my daughter is sick. And the fact that Herrera can become a community is also a lie. Last September the law has changed and Hector will only meet all the requirements to apply for a Portuguese passport next July. But, as everyone knows or should know, it is a process that can take several months. "

PALLOTTA ROMA RAZZISMO " Everyone knows that Rome contrasts and fights all forms of racism and anti-Semitism ". These are the words of James Pallotta in La Repubblica. The president of the Giallorossi wanted to respond to the stickers claimed by a Romanist group and with clear anti-Zionist references: "Lazio, Naples, Israel, same colors, same flags, mer … e".

CHAMPIONS LEAGUE PORTO ROMA – Good news for the fans of Rome : the decisive challenge against Porto in fact, will be visible to everyone. The second leg of the second round of Champions League will be broadcast on Rai 1.

BOUAH CONTRACT – After the rumors of the last few days, it is now official: Rome renewed the contract to the young Spring fullback Devin Bouah . The 2001 class is currently in the pits for breaking the cruciate ligament, but with this move the Giallorossi society proves to believe strongly in the young outside. The footballer on Instagram has expressed all his happiness: " La Roma our choice !! Renewing was my goal and my dream. I wanted to continue with this shirt and with these unique colors for me. I thank the club that has always supported me … I want to thank my family and all the people who have been close to me all these years but above all I want to thank you mum .. because I owe you everything ".

TALKS – On the main Roman radio frequencies the words of Monchi have had a lot of discussion. Checco Oddo Casano at Centro Suono Sport states: "Nothing extraordinarily new has emerged from Monchi's words, even if there are some interesting ideas: first of all he will still be the central nucleus at the level sportsman of Rome, which denies the rumors of a short-term goodbye. Important is the passage on De Rossi's conditions and on his imminent recovery; when he speaks of Di Francesco, he rightly claims that the reconfirmation has arrived in recent weeks, but adds that at the end of the season the sums will be drawn, leaving the doors open to different scenarios; He made it clear that Roma will still be aiming at Schick, which leaves me very perplexed because he does not seem to me the right man on whom to base the attack of the future. The renewals of the most important players like Manolas, Pellegrini etc. they are a fundamental aspect ". Also Alessandro Vocalelli talks about the giallorosso ds to Radio Radio Afternoon : "If Monchi says he wants to make a team of young Italians I breathe a sigh of relief: it means that Lorenzo Pellegrini and Zaniolo remain . He gave me the impression he feels in the saddle, he is the depositary of the secrets of the Rome market. I believe that a sports director in times of the market would do better to shut up, but it is true that he says things that he takes responsibility for. I expect them to do Zaniolo's contract, he said. "

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