Rome, Cristante: «We will arrive in quarters. From De Rossi there is only to learn »

ROME – A stuttering start, both in terms of personal performance and team results, but a goal Champions League still extremely affordable, with just five lengths away from Milan currently owner of the fourth square. Bryan Cristante draws a first assessment of his new adventure in the Capital, five months after his arrival, and he does it through the Sky Sport microphones: « Rome has a particular warmth, which is only found in this square. The historicity of the city is reflected in society. Since I arrived I have bonded with everyone, we are a great close-knit group and this is not obvious: we are lucky. We struggled against the small, we were not good and we have to do better. In Serie A there is nothing obvious, we are working to fix things. The Cagliari ? We have found a certain square and we must force the three points to find continuity. Accidents? During the season we must also deal with bad luck, it is normal that there are. Our project is linked to young people and this is beautiful. We are all strong and even if it takes a little 'more patience the future is assured. Zaniolo is proving that he will become a great player, he must continue like this. My role? The coach takes care of the team movements, with Nzonzi I feel good. De Rossi always gives a lot of advice, we all have to look closely at him every day, he has so much experience and we can learn a lot from him. Juve-Inter ? They are two excellent teams, the Bianconeri have a continuity that no one has but I think the Nerazzurri can give a hard time. We want to get in the top four, we're missing something but we have everything we need to get in Champions League ".

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