In Cagliari baby attack. There is always Schick at the helm –

Overall an average of just over twenty years, exactly 20.25 . It is the offensive quartet that will probably play in Cagliari tomorrow afternoon. Schick flagship and a trio of trequartisti formed by Under, Zaniolo and Kluivert.

Schick and Under, against the Sardinians in the past have lived respectively important days of glory. The Czech striker happened when he was still at Sampdoria, with the double trimmed to rossoblù on 30 November 2016, in the Italian Cup. Outside Turkey last May 6, when the 36th matchday Roma won 1-0 at Sardinia Arena with a goal from Under . That network there, writes La Gazzetta dello Sport, gave the Giallorossi the certainty of the qualification to the current Champions League.

For Zaniolo should be the fifth game from the holder in this season, for Kluivert instead the seventh. Justin looks for a performance that leaves the mark tomorrow. Exactly like Zaniolo, called to repeat himself and to ward off any risk of Pindaric flights. Moreover, Rome needs to win . And this tomorrow counts more than anything else

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