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IL MESSAGGERO (M. CALLAI) – It will be like a derby. Gianluca Caprari from the wolf, has played and won many and tomorrow night, if he wins the runoff with Defrel, will go in search of the first goal Lazio in Serie A. The history of 'striker of Sampdoria, raised in the district La Rustica crosses several times with that of Rome : from the satisfactions for the victories of a group of gold, the Scudetto Primavera in 2011 with the various Verre, and Viviani, to the lack of affirmation with the first team

What does Rome represent?
« I have dressed the Giallorossi colors from the age of 10. At that time I had the poster of in the room. The captain was a point of reference. I was lucky enough to admire him closely and to play a few games with him . "

From a fourteen-year-old ball boy, she put her hand on a victory against Palermo. Remember how angry Zamparini was?
« I did nothing but place the ball near the flag. They were good Taddei and Mancini to quickly pack the goal ".

Why only two fleeting experiences in Serie A?
« I made my debut with Montella in and in August 2011 Luis Enrique made me play for the Europa League preliminaries. The elimination complicated everything: the young people who planned to field the Spanish coach were a bit 'targeted. Rome is a very difficult environment for those who must grow ".

In A he has never scored against Lazio.
« I remember many victories with the youths: a victory for 7-1, I scored due ».

Will you try again tomorrow night with Fabio Quagliarella?
« He is an exceptional champion. For me, against Lazio, it is important to succeed in making a result ".

His qualities that have not escaped the CT Mancini for the convocations of October. How much do you think of the National team?
« It is a goal, certainly, and
passes through good performances with Sampdoria
». (…) [19659019]

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