Rome, Totti al Bambin Gesù: «I want to be part of this story»

ROME – Great party at the Bambino Gesù Pediatric Hospital of Rome for the surprise visit of Francesco Totti . The former Giallorossi captain spent time with the children in the playroom and then visited the departments of Cardiology, Sports Medicine and Cardiac Anesthesia and Reanimation. Totti met the President of the Hospital, Mariella Enoc and the Director General, Ruggero Parrotto concluding the visit with a commitment: « I was pleased – he said – stay here today and spend some time with children, with parents, nurses and doctors. I know that your hospital will be celebrating 150 years of history next year and I know you have great plans for the future, in particular the expansion of Palidoro's headquarters and a new headquarters in Villa Pamphilj. I would like to be part of this story and I would like to support and contribute to the realization of the new Hospital and continue to help the children of Rome and the whole world who come to take care of you ».

(In collaboration with Italpress)

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