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THE TIME – The former vice-president of the Lazio regional council is no longer under house arrest, Adriano Palozzi, arrested during the investigation on the : accepting an application presented by his lawyer Francesco Chess the judge ordered the signature of the former regional councilor of Forza Italia : "Stronger of everything! Stronger than before and head high! I hug you strong !!! "wrote in a tweet Palozzi posting an image with an inscription: " Sometimes in life everything runs smoothly and sometimes they happen unexpected, the important thing is to be able to react by turning problems into opportunities ". Palozzi, following the arrest, was suspended by the Regional Council

"Dear Adriano, semi Emanuele your …". Thus began the message that the Senator 5 stars Emanuele Dessì then sent to Adriano Palozzi, a suspended regional councilor and former mayor of Marino, to whom the house arrest under the investigation was revoked in the past few hours. for the . "Listen to me – continues Dessì in a friendly tone – let go with politics, enjoy this full freedom and try not to get into trouble again". "But above all – remarks the senator in his message – foul for the marinesi that in these two years have finally been able to touch an administration that does not think only of cement and that is well governing. those citizens who in these months have certainly not missed you … Listen, Emanuele your … ".

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