Candela and his years in the Giallorossi: "That's when I touched a goal"

CANDLE INTERVIEW – Vincent Candela after his career in the Giallorossi has always remained attached to the world Rome . The French defender recalled in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport his years in the Capital.

RICORDI IN GIALLOROSSO – " It was '79. Liedholm, just arrived, makes me play. After a minute Bruno Conti goes to the cross from the left, puts the ball on the far post, I am inside the area, Pruzzo crushes it. Albertosi para and puts it there, a meter away from me. I said to myself "Now I make a goal". It was a minute I played. I thought, lucidly: "I go under the curve, I take off my shirt and throw myself on the ground". Shot on goal and Albertosi, in pulling himself up, took her head and threw her out. That match ended 0 to 0. A shame ".

LIEDHOLM RICORDI -" Once we were in retirement in Brunico and a fan in the morning, with attitude of the informer, spiffera indignato the coach that there they had been players at the bar until one o'clock in the morning. He looks at him and says: "Strange, I told everyone to come back at two o'clock!"

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