News of the day. Karsdorp and Perotti in group, from Spain: contact with Zidane, Herrera goes away, Roma-Samp referee Irrati.

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CALCIOMERCATO – Clamorous background of the market, the Giallorossi society, not enthusiastic about the first part of the season orchestrated by Eusebio Di Francesco he would try to contact the former Real Madrid technician Zinedine Zidane currently untied. The ex merengues, however, would have declined the offer waiting for a call more noble like that of Manchester United or Juventus. In fact, not only the former footballer Hector's agent Herrera of the Port, Gabriel Moraes, will meet the management of the Port in the next days to try to reopen the discourse on the renewal of the contract. The negotiation will not be easy as the Mexican has asked for 6 million euros gross.

TRIGORIA – After the victory suffered against CSKA Moscow the boys of Eusebio Di Francesco on their return from the trip, they trained to perform a light discharge. Trigoria is good news because after a long time, they are back to train in a group both Perotti and Karsdorp . Individual training continues for Luca Pellegrini and De Rossi .

FRANCESCO'S PRESS CONFERENCE – After the victory in Moscow against CSKA , the Giallorossi want to achieve results and victories also in the league. The next match will be confronted Rome and Sampdoria on Sunday at 15:00 at the Olympic Stadium and, in view of this commitment, Eusebio Di Francesco will meet the press for present the challenge. The conference will be Saturday, November 10th at 13.30.

PIOLI "Against Rome we did not mark only by mistake, but the play of the Church had been decisive. We had to pull in the door first, it takes malice and cunning. We were two in front of the goalkeeper of Rome, I do not know how many teams are able to create such a situation " so he started the viola player in the press conference on the eve of the match with Frosinone . [19659004] IRRATI – Massimiliano Irrati will direct the match between Rome and Sampdoria, scheduled for Sunday at 15:00 at the Olympic Stadium. The whistle of the Pistoia section has directed Roma in Serie A on 12 other occasions, for a budget of 5 wins, and 5 draws, the last of these on the Bologna field last season.

ITALIAN SPORTS AWARDS Night of the Oscars of Italian sport will be held in the spectacular setting of the Dubai Village of Camposano in the province of Naples Monday evening. Among the prizes awarded the names of Cristante and Di Francesco .

OLSEN PALLONE D'ORO SWEDEN – Robin Olsen managed to make the final jump until the consecration. First the World Cup with his Sweden, then the call of Rome and, last but not least, the chance to win the Swedish Golden Ball 2018. The Giallorossi is in fact in the Nordic area a point of reference and the candidacy for victory of this trophy is proof of this.

ALISSON – Former Giallorossi goalkeeper Alisson Becker is back to talk about the Champions League semi-final lost with the Giallorossi, his statements: " It was a very happy moment of my career in which I experienced great emotions. In that game, all I remember is the strength of the fans and the team we have faced . The quality of Liverpool had already attracted me watching TV, but I was very impressed with what I saw on the field that evening. It was a difficult choice, but I'm happy ".

CORONA – Former paparazzo Fabrizio Corona is back to talk about his quarrel live with Ilary Blasi during the" Big Brother "of this year, thus commenting on his reaction: " If I see Ilary hug him and I apologize, because what happened, compared to what I've been through, is an ephemeral thing. I did not have to use irony on Instagram and insult Totti I regret it and I apologized through a post, but not because I get scared by the Romanists who write insults to me. " [19659004] FEEL THOSE WHO TALKS – On the main Roman frequencies the theme of the post match between CSKA and Rome but we also talked about Dzeko . Alessandro Austini comments as follows: " The difference in performance and results between the league and the Champions League does not exist only this season, but also in the previous one: it can not be a coincidence. Dzeko yesterday seemed very tired, he needs to rest ". Gianluca Lengua states: "Rome has won a very important race and the club is happy with this, but Di Francesco was very nervous in the post because the Giallorossi still risked more than at the end. Dzeko? Extremely humorous player, there is a strong psychological component that does not go to the Bosnian ".

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