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CHANNEL 5 – During the recording of the transmission "Verissimo" conducted by Silvia Toffanin which will air on Saturday, Fabrizio Corona back on the quarrel on live tv with Ilary Blasi staged during "Grande Fratell o", and on the excuses to the former captain of Rome, Francesco . This is an anticipation: "If I see Ilary hug him and I apologize, because what happened, compared to what I've been through, is an ephemeral thing.The problem is that we did it on TV. of opinions will never happen with her, but I think it was one of the worst scenes seen on television.The hostess must be super partes.I said those things, and I was wrong the ways and the tones, because Ilary made his debut by doing the teacher, has expressed personal and moral judgments about me and you can not do it in a public broadcast "his words. " I did not have to use irony and insult I regret it and I apologized through a post but not because I get scared by Romanist fans who write me insults ", added on the former flag of the Giallorossi.

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