Milan, Gattuso: "The real Milan is that of the first 60 minutes of Naples"

MILAN ROMA GATTUSO – After the defeat suffered in a comeback at the San Paolo against Naples, the Milan is ready for a new challenge. Friday evening at San Siro there will be Rome by Eusebio Di Francesco and at 15:30 the Rossoneri coach Gattuso intervenes in a press conference at the Milanello sports center. These are his words:

"They no longer have any players, but we have changed too. I want to see the 55 minutes of Naples, we did a lot of good things. A few days earlier I had said that I wanted my team not to turn off the light. For 60 minutes we were the owners of the camp, as soon as we changed something instead we went wrong. We can not afford it, I want to see the attitude of being 95 minutes on the piece, we do not have to disappear from the field. "

We need to build the action from behind?
We like to play on the opposite player, it's not true that we play always on the low vertex. As soon as we get out of the first pressure, we have to look back. The problem of the team is not the dribble, of course it gives you something more. The problem is when we play in open field. You get angry with Biglia but he is a fundamental player.

Give us a title for the challenge?
What title should I give you? It's a game like the others but it's important.

Should Higuain be played closer to the goal?
If Higuain scored the ball in the area, he was still talking about it. He is an important player, he makes us go up, then he must be exploited in the last meters. I am satisfied, then I do not know what is meant to make it play near the door. This is a quality team but only with that you do not go anywhere.

On new arrivals …
It takes time when you come to a new team, it's not easy. I am happy with who has arrived, we have improved a lot at the level of staff.

You always wanted the game organized, would not it be better to make some long balls?
You can not do things halfway. We have messed up, and we can mess around, but the error is there. No one moved on 2-1. With Bologna he had to finish 5 to 0. We risked to equalize a suicide game. I can tell you many, this is the aspect where we have to work. The error can be there but if we want to dribble from the bottom you do not have to do things in half. The biggest mistake is not only of Biglia, it is the technical concept that is wrong. We must always remain in the game, we can not afford to leave the field. After 2-1 we were no longer in the field.

With your victories your job will be facilitated?
This applies to everyone, it is normal that the victories help you and give you more conviction. We must not stop believing in what we do. The team has the perception of being strong, now we are two steps below our means.

You have been charged for the faults …
We have to be objective, I'm like that and I want to die like that. At a tactical level, my staff and I want a low top that gives balance, the mistake I made was the fact that I changed Biglia too quickly. In these weeks I tried Bakayoko mid-wing. I was wrong.

There will be another complicated game. When will we see the real Milan?
The real Milan I saw him for 60 minutes. The games last 95 minutes but it is a team that when it holds the field well, it gives thought to the opponents. It is not easy to play against us. We ran more than Naples. When we have to play between 25 and 30 meters I do not say it at random.

There will be many spectators and Kakà …
They are important men who have written important pages for the club. At this moment we do not need the flags to go in search of the charge. We have our goals to reach. It's nice to see them but we have to find the charge during the week and when we go down in the field.

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