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IL TEMPO (F. M. MAGLIARO) – The Message of is quite clear: patience to run out, if not really finished. The president of Rome, just landed in the capital, does not let himself be prayed and sends precise messages to the institutions, Campidoglio in the first place. The process of the Stadium "is going on and I have meetings on this. After all, if they do not accelerate, we will not have a stadium and we will not be here anymore. The fans – says the Giallorossi Patron – should tell the institutions to accelerate. We are close to closing, but if everything goes beyond June 30th, or July, it will take another year and we will not have a stadium. We have already spent over 60 million on the stadium, nobody knows this. There is talk of money for the player market, but there is more. 65, if not 70 million for the stadium, have been invested. You can not continue to spend money when you do not have a return in return, so we need a stadium and on time. It is very easy ".

It is not the first time that raises the voice in the first person: had already happened in the summer of last year (" Without stadium I sell Rome ") and , again, in February 2017, shortly before the agreement reached- on the new project without towers ("Without stage away all the big ones"). Whenever speaks, pressure rises in the Commune Suffice it to think about when Rome intervened first and then and half team ("Famo 'sto stadium"): the 5Stars went under and realized they had to close the game as soon as possible. Yesterday, the Campidoglio issued an official note confirming all the analyzes and indiscretions of Il Tempo, starting from the date of tomorrow as the start of the procedures: «Next Thursday, April 12th, the project will be published on local editions of the main national newspapers The provision will also be filed in digital format on the Notice Board until 12 May 2018. Anyone interested may submit comments on the urban version by 11 June 2018, or 60 days after publication of the notice. "[19659010] In the meantime – although with the Stadium has a very limited relevance – the City Council, with 23 votes and 4 abstentions, approved the resolution on the Congress Bridge. Basically, it is the urban variant necessary to start the project, which provides for a new location of the bridge some interventions on the Tiber, cycle paths and ramps connecting to the future Via del Mare / Ostiense unified, intervention among those of public interest for the Stadium of .

Now the project will have to be examined again by the Higher Council of Public Works, which, on the occasion of the first version, had put forward so many reservations that the designers had to redo the project. So, on the one hand, however, the Municipality marks two main boxes – Ponte dei Congressi and the launch of the urban variant on the project Stadio di sends clear messages: enough with the games, in essence. And he also complains about the expenses incurred – a sensitive subject since every time you ask for a change to a table or a report it means paying the designer handsomely – so far: between 60 and 70 million for not yet having moved even one stone to . The terms of the law, however, are peremptory and, all in all, the Capitol is at a fast pace running: on March 15 the plans of the project were updated in line with the requirements issued by the Services Conference of 5 December 2017 and less than 30 days later, tomorrow, the variant procedure opens.

Unfortunately, 60 days are blocked by law, 30 by publication and 30 by comments. And, in fact, to responds to the Councilor for Sports of the City, Daniele Frongia Radio Radio: « The urban variant will arrive in the classroom between June and August », Where June is possible only if very few comments from the citizens arrived. « We follow what is foreseen by the law – explains Frongia – with its times. There is a common interest in anticipating times and this must be a positive element. I respect the interest of the private individual who has expectations and carries them forward by putting pressure on the institutions, I find nothing wrong "

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