Inter, Spalletti has it for everyone

SENT TO APPIANO – Luciano Spalletti is heavily laden with what was presented in the press room on the eve of the match against Genoa. The coach has encouraged his team, but he has not spared a few stilettos to Di Francesco and also to his managers for the many market names that run around Inter.

Spalletti, how did he prepare the match against Genoa? [19659003] They are going through a good moment of great enthusiasm and in these situations everything is easier. And then there will be the environment to fight because in that stadium there is good football. They are good to start again in the spaces, backing everyone in their half to leave the ball and then start again. Is this their strength?

Rafinha when he will have 90 'in the legs?
It will depend on how much he will train continuously throughout the week. If you do 2-3 weeks training every day, the minutage will increase. It can also be used now, but there will be times when the team will have to make up for its lack of continuity. I do not know if he will play the game and I will not say the training the day before. Also this week he missed two training sessions … He gave us a hand when he came in, if I let him play from the beginning the team will have to make up for moments when there will be his lack of contribution.

How will Karamoh use? [19659003] He is an offensive player who has devastating qualities and tears of speed and technique. It should be made to grow calmly because he is an inexperienced young person and needs time. He is a splendid boy and has a face and eyes that tell everything. It is easy to become friends of Karamoh, it is easy to be appreciated when it is so because everyone in the dressing room loves him. We need to pay attention to it because when everyone makes you think that this marker is of a different color, you also start looking at it differently. He has all the credentials to become a good player.

Icardi and Perisic are not summoned. Better not to risk them?
Evaluations are made. If it were possible they would be players we would like to have inside the group. Tests have been made, but these have not given the possibility to have a clear answer and have not been developed workouts that allow them to play this match with the right pace. We have a squad with players who can make up for the absentees.

Do you feel pulled in by Di Francesco who said there are teams in front of us who pull in door half a time to the game?
That said to us by force ? There are also others of teams in front of Rome … If you refer to us, I agree and I say that Rome was used to fighting for the championship together with Napoli: once we arrived ahead and one behind the men of Sarri. His references (Di Di Francesco, ed) are these, Naples and Juve; he must stay up there. "

Is Borja Valero in trouble? Are you thinking of letting it catch you?
If you go to see the meters that it does, the assaults that it brings when it plays assaulter to the defenders and to the low median you realize that makes difference with the others. He is not in trouble and he can spend moments in which he is more in difficulty, but his reliability and his presence are not in doubt.

This is an environment that tends to get depressed, but now you are third. Can Inter start again?
As far as the depressed are concerned, keep them away because we of the Inter are citizens of the sky who live on earth. There is no depression between us. We do not throw away anything we have done because we want to start from the third position where we are. You can do things even better because I did not like the character of the team when against Bologna we were in numerical superiority. I did not like the quality and the search at that time there. But we are able to go to Genoa to win even if Ballardini's team, since he arrived, did fewer points than Juventus and Napoli. We will find a very charged environment and a stadium that transmits so much to his team. We will have to try to do this without alibis.

Will it be a match to find new roads for goals without the 25 centers guaranteed by Icardi and Perisic?
We have to confirm that we found this way because we won on Sunday with goals from Eder and Karamoh. We must continue on this path.

Eder, who was due to leave in January, can be a new purchase? He thought he was safe from market rumors, but now there is Lautaro Martinez …
It creates problems for me when there are all these voices. Especially if we talk about revolutions because the newspapers read them all, even the players. I'm thinking of telling the president to make 3 teams: Inter, Inter Women's and Virtual Inter in this case this last team would be one of the managers, not me. I'm interested in the players that are there. Sturridge played 2 and a half minutes, he got injured and now he will be standing still for two months. If there was no Eder who took chestnuts out of the fire, I want to see how they ate. We are third in the standings and we talk about refoundation and revolution: the third team wants us, but I do not train it. These speeches come from them (from the leaders, Ausilio and Sabatini, ed) and soon we get to the heart of the matter. The fans must cheer for the players that are there and the fact that the neighbor's grass is always greener is not the case. For me, our grass is very green.

At what point is your Inter? Next, like or behind his idea?
It is still unexpressed. You work a lot and then a little grow, then there is a small relapse and then there is a new growth. We have made many points and done well. Even though we did a little worse now, we had done a lot of points before. At the bottom of the championship says what you have developed and what you did. I see interest and participation in learning. Now there is a bit of difficulty in terms of performance, but I have never seen a team in great difficulty and I remind you of a fact that was very dear to you: the poles. They told us that we are lucky, but we hit 15 piles: more than everyone. Rifacciamocelo some title, away …

He intends to reconfirm the 4-3-1-2 of the last races and how is Candreva?
In recent games I changed and usually do so with the teams that have not acquired a great quality of game expression. In addition to changing players, you change the form. In this case there was talk of this alternative that in some ways has given advantages and for others has shown that the knowledge of the new system was not thorough. That's why we played with 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3, with three midfielders who can replace each other in the three roles. Candreva I never questioned it. I can play it or not, but it's one of those that will basically show its numbers. The total of his numbers will be in place for cross, assist and race because he has an incredible lung capacity. Because when any middle-distance runner would be sylvan, he makes another 100-meter freed shot.

What do you think of Totti's words that was not very nice to him?
In my opinion he expressed himself unequivocally. Mark a precise point on what our relationship is. For my part there will always be the same openness and the same availability that I have always had. I have a role in which I have to manage things, but if I think so, I can not do anything about it.

Brozovic will play titular?
No, he is not titular because I chose another. We spoke to each other because we talk about everything between us. We continue our reunion on our offensive phase, on the defensive phase and on the next opponents. He immediately regretted when he returned to the locker room and the message he sent through social media was an important demonstration. Tomorrow it does not start from the beginning, but if I need it I will pull it in and I am convinced that he will give me everything because he loves his teammates. He wants to stay with them and not take away their place.

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