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The technician of Rome Eusebio Di Francesco spoke by telephone on the frequencies of Rai Radio 1 during the transmission "Radio anch'io sport" . These are his words on the victory of yesterday against Benevento for 5 to 2.

Sleeped well after the game?
I did not sleep anything (laughs, ed).

What did you think after the Benevento goal?
It came after an unlucky detour, but it lacked so much time that I tried to reassure the team and not think about the goal immediately but to start playing as we know. It took us some time but we found the right path.

Too many absences.
Due to qualifications of Nainggolan and Pellegrini on the same day that complicated a few situations in the middle of the field. Rome must have a rose that even in the difficulties of being able to come out of it as we did yesterday.

Who can be compared to Under?
I struggle to make comparisons. He has a great quality in preparing the shot concealing the football until the end as Vincenzo Montella, even if he does not have the same characteristics as a player. It has the same ability and speed of execution, a comparison linked only to a technical characteristic.

At what point is his Rome?
There is still a lot to do but this team despite the change and the working method he assimilated soon after the initial difficulties what I asked him. We had 40 days of difficulty related to many situations. Once all the rumors of the market that have been able to distract – but it does not have to be an alibi – we are finding again a little the compactness of the team even if in some moments lack of continuity of attention during the race. We have alternated matches in which we have not given continuity to our game.

You some time ago said that this team is not from the Scudetto, but Monchi did not expect this separation from Napoli and Juventus. Where is the truth in the middle of these two sentences?
The gap does not make a turn, but Monchi did not say that we were from the Scudetto. Yes we expected a few more points, because we left many points on the road for our nonsense and for our nonsense starting from the expulsion of De Rossi against Genoa, or Chievo, or games in which we dominated but we have not closed the game . we have always been a little behind Napoli and Juventus even when we were closer: for staff, for what was the market and the maintenance of the rose. We have put in many interesting young people who were not used to this square as Under who needed to adapt to this football. It's a choice, but I'm happy to build and try to improve this Rome. It's obvious that I too would have expected a few more points.

The problem is that with the company policy that we have come to know in recent years, working with the same staff for two years in a row is a bit complicated. Does this worry you?
The possibility of giving continuity with the same players would be optimal for any technician, Napoli is the demonstration but also the same Juventus that changes little. I hope that by replacing so many different corporate situations we can then give continuity to many players and we can create a set-up where then insert other players. This would be optimal and I think that my director Monchi with the time wants to get to this. But it is not built overnight, it takes a design over time, this is done in Rome by putting the accounts in place.

Dzeko, Nainggolan and Alisson?
I train them, I do not do the market.

Rome marks little.
Between the defensive and the offensive phase there are striking numbers. We are the team that has pulled the most, but we have not been concrete. I hope from now to the end of the championship to be more cynical, we have to work and remove the defects.

On a side foul for Benevento she did not deliver the ball to the player from Campania.
I never complain and I try to make education and respect a main part. The listener said nonsense, the Benevento player came and took the ball.

Schick behind Dzeko?
Yes even if he would be more attacking than Nainggolan. Schick has important qualities and can adapt, but he must find continuity in training.

Is Totti a resource?
A great resource. Slightly inconspicuous, but in the dressing room it is very important. Often it gives me the moods of the team and unlike mine that I arrived this year can help me with the players.

Exceeded the difficult time of the Rome? The Champions League
Must be a crescendo final, the team has acquired some certainties. Now we have to lose as few pieces as possible and we must find continuity. Against Shakhtar we want to win over the round.

We do not have to accelerate the recovery, just look at Ghoulam.

Young people around Italy?
It depends on the quality, they will come back when they will be trained . Like Pellegrini, for example, who played and grew up at Sassuolo. The important thing is to select the best and bring quality young people. My experience in Rome as a player is helping me.

Is this Roman environment so difficult?
Rome is an important square, but one must be careful everywhere. The environment of Rome is special. Winning here is never easy, but it is accepted because it wants to do well.

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